Rósta Coffee Decaf Espresso case (8 x 250g)


This case of coffee contains 8 decaf pouches weighing 250g each.

Decaf Brazilian Santos, named after the famous port in Brazil where the coffee is transported through, is regarded for its higher quality and softness.The term ‘Santos’ is generally used as a way of grading coffee, referring to the higher quality coffee that Brazil is known for. The name originates from the port which most of Brazil’s best coffees are exported from, and specializes in the Bourbon variety of Arabica.

This Rósta coffee decaf is a smooth and light on the palate with a great crema. A delightful, high-grade, single-origin coffee without the caffeine.

Rósta Coffee is one of the few Irish coffee brands to be found in the world. It derives its name from the Irish language which translates to roast in English.Our Handcrafted premium coffee is a medium roasted coffee and is roasted once a fortnight. Our coffee is nitrogen flushed so it keeps its freshness for even longer.

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  • All our coffees are handcrafted and approved by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) which gives our coffee an internationally recognised mark of food quality, safety and responsibility.
  • The S70 Loring Peregrine Coffee Roaster is used for all our roasts and is an extremely environmentally friendly roaster.
  • The Loring roaster uses a completely enclosed system that simultaneously roasts coffee and incinerates the smoke and odour that is associated with roasting coffee. No external afterburner is needed and and as result uses up to 80% less fuel in the process.
  • A huge additional bonus to the reduction in greenhouse gases produced, as there is no need to clean the cyclone because the machine is in a constant, inherent, self-cleaning mode.
  • Global Coffee Production creates in excess of 23 million tons of waste per year and choosing this coffee is our way of being more sustainable.

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