Piorraí, Irish Sparkling Perry 6%, 375ml


Exclusively made from Irish grown handpicked French Perry pear varieties Plant de blanc and Poire de cloche, this Perry is a delicious, delicate, bright and lively expression of the style with just a little residual sweetness from the original pears and a beautiful floral nose that is unique to Fine Perry, or Poiré as it’s known in France. In Ireland, the Irish word for Pears is Piorraí and hence the name of our Perry. This sparkling and delicious Perry is a great and healthy alternative to Prosecco or Cava and is quite the rarity as Mark only makes a small batch of it every year. Piorraí pairs best with white fish and seafood dishes as well as oysters and mussels.

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Cider Mill:

• Mark has a small family farm in The Boyne Valley in Slane Co.Meath- 12 acres of orchards.
• His ciders are farmhouse crafted ciders, handmade and pressed.
• They are made from 100% apple juice.
• Naturally fermented- no added yeast culture.
• Gluten free- vegan friendly.
• The apples are grown using organic and biodynamic methods.
• They are low in carbonation for better flavour and enjoyment.
• They are unfiltered & unpasteurised.
• No electricity used- he uses gravity to blend the apples- real old school style.
• He uses a rack and cloth press- they have been used for 2000 years and its a very traditional method for pressing apples- not many people use them anymore but you can get a great quality juice from them.
• From pip to sip, any apple waste is reused by using it as compost in the orchard or being given to neighbour as cattle feed.


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