Natural/ Organic White, 12.5%, Majas, France 2019


Rolle (45%), Macabeu (45%) and Carignan Blanc (10%). Organic farming, hand harvested, Indigenous yeast, Vinified for 8 months in steel. The nose has floral and fruity aromas, with notes of white peach and citrus. On the palate, fresh, mineral, tense. Long and rich finish.

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The Domain De Majas vineyard is located in the Languedoc region in the south of France which is renowned for producing good quality wine. The Majas motto is “Drink Nature” as they have converted their whole vineyard to organic agriculture since 2007. The organic culture the Majas have applied to their vineyard allows them to take into account the climate, soil, flora and fauna. All “green work” (lifting, disbudding, leaf stripping, thinning, etc.) are carried out manually in order to minimise the impact of mechanical tools on the soil. The harvest is carried out largely by hand so that the grapes can arrive in the best condition to the cellar. The Majas have won various awards for their natural/ organic wines- both for their organic wine practices & the superb taste as well.

Natural wine is produced with minimal human intervention resulting in a chemical free and healthier alternative to traditional wine. Natural Wines are essentially how our grandparents and ancestors would have made wine back in the day. The grapes would have been handpicked because there wasn’t any machinery and no sugar, yeast or chemicals would have been added. Typically the grapes are grown organically; without fungicides, pesticides or irrigation, which encourages the growth of indigenous yeast on the skins. Hand-picking ensures quality selection and can occur earlier than usual to retain acidity and prevent high alcohol levels. Natural wines are healthier than traditional wines as they contain a small amount of sulphites- normally the winemaker adds little or no sulphites to the wine and as a result natural wine usually only contains naturally occurring sulphites. Each bottle of natural wine is unique as there are no preservatives, yeasts or sugar added and drinking a glass of natural wine is like stepping back in time to a 19th century wine bar!


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