Natural/ Organic Riesling White, 12%, Bergkloster, Germany 2018


The fresh earthiness of this organic dry wine bursts with herbacious, tropical notes on the nose while balancing the sparkling acidity of an apple orchard with a full rounded body on the palate. No oak used, vinified in stainless steel. This wine finishes with clean citrus notes and cider undertones.

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The Bergkloster vineyard is situated in Westofen in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. The region has been cultivating grapes for wine production since ancient Roman occupation (1200 years ago) and it’s also the home to the oldest surviving records of a German vineyard. Westofen is one of the hottest regions in Germany and as a result it offers the most optimal conditions for the ripening of grapes. The Riesling really benefits from the evening sun, as this grape has the highest assimilation capacity at this time of day. The soil consists of limestone with clay marl, as a result of coral sediment. All of Bergkloster wines are “Bio Wines”, which means they are very carefully and organically produced which guarantees a high quality and digestibility while at the same time protect the ecological balance in nature.

Natural wine is produced with minimal human intervention resulting in a chemical free and healthier alternative to traditional wine. Natural Wines are essentially how our grandparents and ancestors would have made wine back in the day. The grapes would have been handpicked because there wasn’t any machinery and no sugar, yeast or chemicals would have been added. Typically the grapes are grown organically; without fungicides, pesticides or irrigation, which encourages the growth of indigenous yeast on the skins. Hand-picking ensures quality selection and can occur earlier than usual to retain acidity and prevent high alcohol levels. Natural wines are healthier than traditional wines as they contain a small amount of sulphites- normally the winemaker adds little or no sulphites to the wine and as a result natural wine usually only contains naturally occurring sulphites. Each bottle of natural wine is unique as there are no preservatives, yeasts or sugar added and drinking a glass of natural wine is like stepping back in time to a 19th century wine bar!


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