Lámhóg, Makers Reserve, Bold. 6%, 500ml


This cider takes its name from the ancient Irish wooden tavern tankards called Lámhóg. It is a blend of the finest keeved ciders matured over several seasons. A robust cider with immense depth of flavour and character, complex and spicy with a rich, tannin heavy and long drying finish. Lámhóg is popular amongst IPA and dark beer lovers as it’s full of flavour and very satisfying on the palate. Lámhóg is a superb accompaniment for more meaty foods like steak, burgers, stews etc. and is excellent with lamb dishes. It is particularly good with meat and cheese boards.

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Cider Mill:

• Mark has a small family farm in The Boyne Valley in Slane Co.Meath- 12 acres of orchards.
• His ciders are farmhouse crafted ciders, handmade and pressed.
• They are made from 100% apple juice.
• Naturally fermented- no added yeast culture.
• Gluten free- vegan friendly.
• The apples are grown using organic and biodynamic methods.
• They are low in carbonation for better flavour and enjoyment.
• They are unfiltered & unpasteurised.
• No electricity used- he uses gravity to blend the apples- real old school style.
• He uses a rack and cloth press- they have been used for 2000 years and its a very traditional method for pressing apples- not many people use them anymore but you can get a great quality juice from them.
• From pip to sip, any apple waste is reused by using it as compost in the orchard or being given to neighbour as cattle feed.


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