Gaeltacht Gorse Natural Perfume Oil


Scents of Galway natural perfume oil is a natural, alcohol-free perfume range inspired by the beautiful landscape and aromatic scent of the Galway countryside. Our Gaeltacht Gorse natural perfume is named to celebrate two characteristics unique to Galway; its language and flora. ‘Gaeltacht’ is the Irish language word given to regions where ‘Irish’ is the main language spoken. Gorse is a native evergreen shrub that grows wild throughout Galway.

Our Gaeltacht Gorse natural perfume is a tribute to the gorgeous yellow gorse flowers that dominate the Galway landscape during spring and summer. Sweet orange, ylang ylang and patchouli essential oils are carefully blended together giving an exotic, fruity bouquet. A touch of vanilla  is added to provide a touch of sweetness: The result; a  sunny, sweet floral bouquet that makes the wearer feels like it is summer all year round. Simply gorgeous!

•100% natural
•Alcohol free
•Jojoba and coconut oil
•High concentration of essential oil
•Long shelf life
•Handy, 10ml roll on bottles


Scents of Galway was set up by Anna Brown in 2016. Inspired by childhood memories of summers spent in Connemara and east Galway, Anna wanted to create natural, authentic products that celebrated the unique beauty and diversity of the west of Ireland. Scents of Galway candles and perfumes are created in small batches using 100% natural, high-quality and sustainable ingredients. Scented with carefully blended essential oils, we hope to bring a little piece of Galway to you, wherever in the world you may be!


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