Connemara Ale, 4.5%, 330ml


Our Connemara Ale is juicy and full of flavour. Our master crafted recipe produces a taste explosion from tongue to tummy. A perfect hop medley provides ourale with a flavour that will make youwant more.

Irish Ale has a long and dignified history. We’ve kept to those traditional values by producing an Ale witha slightlyred colour, a beautifully slight sweet palate, and a low-hop flavour that’s not too bitter.

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Connemara Beer: Brewed in the heart of Connemara in Carraroe

Here at Connemara Brewing Co., we are very proud of our beers. Our focus is on making a small number of beers really well – consistently high-quality beers is what we’re all about. Connemara is blessed with some of the highest quality water in the world, which combined with the highest quality raw materials, and crafted by the know-how of our world-class brewers, results in beers with consistently high quality.

All our beers are made from scratch here in our brewery in the heart of Connemara, using traditional recipes and the best possible local ingredients which we source directly from our carefully selected producers.

• Connemara ale & lager are not only local but also premium beers. They are brewed using open fermentation which is very unusual nowadays which results in a fruiter ale and a crisper lager.
• Water is one of the main ingredients in beer and we use the finest quality water from the lake beside the brewery (loch an Mhuilinn) which is a soft water (low in saline/salt) which is essential to make a good ale and lager.
• Two types of yeast are used for the ale while most breweries use one. We use a lager yeast for the lager while most other breweries use an ale yeast for the lager as it’s easier to ferment.
• Our beers are canned to ensure that no oxygen or light gets in so that our beer is always premium quality.


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